Any two philosophers can tell each other all they know in two hours.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

I, unfortunately, am not a philosopher — be warned.
— Catherine Jefferson

My name is Catherine Jefferson. I’m around 50 years old, an Eastern Orthodox Christian by faith, an American by birth and choice, a science and technical writer by profession, and an opinionated polymath by avocation. I own this blog and am one of its primary contributors. On Twitter, I post under the user name @ErgoOne. Posts may link to blog posts here, or to anything else I think is interesting.

I work as a technical writer for Citrix Systems, in the Networking and Cloud division, NetScaler Products Group. Outside of earning a living, my activities include copious and wide-ranging reading, church, human rights activism, anti-spam work, enjoying the gorgeous outdoors along the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains and western Great Basin where I live, and drawing and painting in my almost-nonexistent spare time.

I’m married to archaeologist and fellow SF nut Joe Jefferson. It’s a mixed marriage: I’m Orthodox/he’s Protestant; I’m a civil-liberties fanatic who is moderate to liberal politically/he’s libertarian-leaning conservative; I use Windows/he uses a Mac; I write books/he digs square holes 1 meter square and 10 cm deep. ;) Somehow the differences make the relationship interesting.

I find that the same basic pattern occurs with with many of my friends, as well. So don’t assume (or expect) that I will agree with everything that anybody posts on this blog.

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