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When Imitation is NOT Flattering…

My undergraduate alma mater, Reed College, is struggling with an unusual problem.  A scammer in China thinks so well of the college that they created the University of Redwood out of whole cloth by repurposing much of the data and … Continue reading

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The “Stalinist State” of the Modern UK?

Sunday the UK Telegraph posted a horrifying story about a single mother whose children were taken from her permanently, and who is barred under pain of imprisonment from approaching within 500 meters until they are eighteen years of age.  This … Continue reading

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Why You Should Pay Attention at School

Below is an image of a page from the front of what I believe must have been a high school science textbook. I couldn’t possibly improve on it, so without further comment: NOTE: Sunday a reader emailed me the link … Continue reading

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Serendipity: Discovery Launch as Seen from Airplane

This video is “trending” around the Internet, but I couldn’t resist showing it here.  Gorgeous!

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Calling a Thug a Thug

Eugene Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy (a blog about the law, mostly inhabited by libertarian and conservative bloggers) today condemned a court ruling whose effect was to vindicate threats of violence by a group of thugs in Seattle against Seattle’s … Continue reading

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The ACLU Gets It

Today Sam Ritchie of the ACLU posted a truly wonderful blog on the ACLU’s Blog of Rights.  Apparently some nitwits fine upstanding state legislators in Iowa object vehemently to a display in the State Historical Building in honor of the … Continue reading

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A Married, Non-Celibate, *Nun*?

Today’s Washington Post has an article about a married German man who was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest.  Although rare, that isn’t unheard of; it usually happens when a married man who was an Anglican or Orthodox priest, or … Continue reading

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Fun New Blog, *Mostly* About Archaeology

A new blog went live yesterday: Square Holes.  The blogger, Joe Jefferson, plans to write mostly about archaeology, but I would expect to see the occasional blog about trains (he’s a fanatic), other science subjects, and politics, with the occasional … Continue reading

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Libya: The Scoop (HT Mother Jones)

Yet another excellent roundup from Mother Jones Magazine:  “What’s happening in Libya Explained”.  If you want the background and timeline for the unrest (and, God willing, impending revolution) in Libya, this is a great place to get it.

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Earthquake in New Zealand

New Zealand’s capital city, Christchurch, was hit by an earthquake Tuesday at around noon local time.  Various media sources report that a number of buildings collapsed.  Over sixty are known dead, and others are missing and likely trapped beneath the … Continue reading

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