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High School Senior Pretends Pregnancy as Sociology Experiment

There’s no way I could summarize this story adequately, so please just read it here. I do have a couple of thoughts: She’s one of the more courageous high school kids I’ve ever heard about, and I’ve known a few. … Continue reading

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Craigslist Founder up to Some Good

Craig Newmark, founder of CraigsList, has a new project — connecting the world’s non-profit and educational institutions together for the common good of humanity. You can read about it, and participate, here.

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Why the Public Needs Critical Thinking Skills #1: “Churnalism”

In today’s Columbia Journalism Review is a excellent article on “churnalism”, their term for articles posted on news sites as news articles that are, in fact, simply press releases with little or no additional material. The article discusses who issues … Continue reading

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When Imitation is NOT Flattering…

My undergraduate alma mater, Reed College, is struggling with an unusual problem.  A scammer in China thinks so well of the college that they created the University of Redwood out of whole cloth by repurposing much of the data and … Continue reading

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Why You Should Pay Attention at School

Below is an image of a page from the front of what I believe must have been a high school science textbook. I couldn’t possibly improve on it, so without further comment: NOTE: Sunday a reader emailed me the link … Continue reading

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The “Nanny State” in College

In 1978, I was a high school senior looking at colleges.  Although I was a member of a conservative evangelical Christian church, I turned down a chance to go to a college associated with my church. The reason?  During a … Continue reading

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