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Reclaiming “Redneck” From History

Blogging again after a busy year off. :) The term redneck is usually an insult these days, used by urban, hip, coastal people who went to college for at least four years, vote for Democrats, and work at high-paying high-status … Continue reading

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The Oroville Dam, California, and the US

As of Thursday night, Lake Oroville stands at 32 ft (9 M) below the emergency spillway intake. The California Department of Water & Power (DWP) has managed to do this despite additional rain/snow in the last 24 hours because the … Continue reading

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The Oroville Dam Flood Plain Evacuation: Resources

I have many things to say to California State government officials about the current crisis with the Oroville Dam spillways. Because many of you failed to heed explicit warnings twelve years ago, 200,000 people were forced out of their homes … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Quit Taking the Bait

Donald Trump’s first ten days in office have made it clear that he plans to govern as he has run his businesses and show: create chaos and let the “winners” claw their way to the top. It was probably unrealistic … Continue reading

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It’s been a very long last six months. The US election was a disheartening drag for reasons I won’t bother to repeat. Health issues raised their ugly heads. I’m diabetic, which complicates any health issue. Four days after the election, … Continue reading

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Hiding Your Light: The Secret W. H. Auden

Somebody just tweeted a link to an amazing article about the personal life of early 20th century poet and playwright W.H. Auden. Auden was a practicing Christian. This article describes just how seriously he took Christ’s command not to do … Continue reading

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Rethinking Racism in America

This month The Atlantic published an article titled “The Racist History of Portland, the Whitest City in America”. I react badly to race-baiting, and the title of this article sounded like race baiting to me. However, I went to college … Continue reading

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Not a Normal Presidential Election

This presidential election year has shaped up to be something I never anticipated. A candidate I both distrust and disagree with on fundamental issues is running against a demagogue who is utterly unqualified by education, temperament or character to be … Continue reading

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The Woman I Wish I Could Vote For

In the past few months, as a flood of desperate people have escaped Syria and other intolerable places and flooded into Europe, I’ve watched German Chancellor Angela Merkel rise above a massive flood of panic and xenophobia that is sweeping … Continue reading

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Bigotry against Muslims and Preserving the American Experiment

In the past couple of months, some American women whose names I don’t remember have called on all American women to wear headscarves in public to show support for and solidarity with Muslim women in America. That call has led … Continue reading

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