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The Republican Party’s Conservative Problem

Jonathan Bernstein wrote the following in today’s Washington Post, and it’s so good that I want to quote verbatim: The sad part of all this [the defection of conservative intellectuals from the Republican party] is that it leaves the Republican … Continue reading

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A “Gaffe” by Prince Philip of the UK

Today, after the Duke of Edinburgh (aka Britian’s Prince Philip) — who was attending an event with the Queen — made a very funny and rather inappropriate comment about a stunning red dress worn by an equally stunning young woman … Continue reading

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John Edwards: Distracting From the Real Issue :/

Ruth Marcus in the Washington post gets it about the current national soap opera that is the trial of John Edwards. Edwards is unquestionably a self-involved, narcissistic cad. We knew that. What he did might, just barely, crawl into range … Continue reading

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From the Cradle to the Grave….

In addition to a husband with a blog, I have a sister with a blog, and that blog has moved to its own domain and new web site as of yesterday. A few blogs from the old site were imported … Continue reading

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SpaceX Dragon Capsule Headed for ISS Saturday Morning!

About damn time! :-) In case this wasn’t abundantly clear, I have been SO WAITING for SpaceX to get this show on the road, and I’m SO HAPPY that they’re at this point. I do not blame them for taking … Continue reading

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