A “Gaffe” by Prince Philip of the UK

Today, after the Duke of Edinburgh (aka Britian’s Prince Philip) — who was attending an event with the Queen — made a very funny and rather inappropriate comment about a stunning red dress worn by an equally stunning young woman visitor, the U.K. Telegraph ran an article that listed his most famous gaffes over the years. The first “gaffe” that the Telegraph mentioned was the following comment, made almost half a century ago, about the British tax rate in 1963:

All money nowadays seems to be produced with a natural homing instinct for the Treasury.

The UK Telegraph considers that comment to be a gaffe. I and many other Americans, on the other hand, consider that same comment to be a sign of great insight into the nature of taxes. We might even consider inviting Prince Philip to switch nationalities and run for office on the strength of it. ;)

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