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Re-establishing the Correct Role for Police in a Free Society

For some time, I’ve been concerned at the deteriorating relationship between the police and citizens in the United States. While this isn’t happening everywhere, in entirely too many cities large numbers of police have been credibly accused and often convicted … Continue reading

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Cherokee Nation: Slave Descendants Need Not Apply :(

I was checking blogs of some of my friends tonight, and ran across a disturbing bit of news on Robert Glaub’s blog. In short, today the tribal government of the Cherokee Nation is reported to have expelled from membership the … Continue reading

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First Amendment? What’s That?

The Renton, Washington City Prosecutor has filed a complaint against an anonymous cartoonist for cyberstalking after the cartoonist’s mocking cartoons about the Renton Police Department cut a bit too close to the bone and embarrassed the city. Apparently the prosecutor … Continue reading

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