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Not Such a Stretch to Reach the Stars

There’s a wonderful story in today’s New York Times about a symposium held as part of the DARPA 100-Year Starship Study. The meeting took place for a few days at the end of September and beginning of October, and consisted … Continue reading

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The Great Anti-Spam Locker Room Contest

I just about died laughing after I read the following thoroughly disrespectful and marginally safe-for-work blog on All Spammed UP, a site that comments on email and spam issues. Let nobody tell you that the people involved in the spam … Continue reading

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False Alarm: General Relativity Confirmed

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is safe. The most probable, but least interesting, explanation for the OPERA results (the “faster than light” neutrinos) now looks likely to be true: there was a fundamental flaw in the experimental methodology. In short, … Continue reading

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Proud to Be a Texan (Expatriate, but still)

At least, when I read this blog describing how two east Texas women set up emergency services for firefighters fighting a local wildfire. With a little bit of help from their friends and (I hate to admit it) Facebook, they … Continue reading

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