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In Memory: Sally Kristen Ride (1951-2012)

Dr. Sally Ride — astronaut, scientist, and teacher — was one of my heroes, as she was for many women of my age/generation. Dr. Ride died yesterday, at 61 years of age, of pancreatic cancer. I posted the following on … Continue reading

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False Alarm: General Relativity Confirmed

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is safe. The most probable, but least interesting, explanation for the OPERA results (the “faster than light” neutrinos) now looks likely to be true: there was a fundamental flaw in the experimental methodology. In short, … Continue reading

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Was Einstein Wrong — Part 2

The researchers at the OPERA project, which conducted the experiment that showed neutrinos exceeding the speed of light, have posted a PDF of their paper. You can download it for free from the Cornell University Library’s site. I skimmed … Continue reading

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Breaking: Was Einstein Wrong?

Put down your drink. Remove any cats or children from your lap. Take a big breath. Today researchers at the CERN physics laboratory announced that a three year study has shown “with a high level of confidence” that neutrinos can … Continue reading

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