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A Perceptive Lutheran’s Comments on my Church

I’m going to talk about something a bit closer to my heart than I usually put on this blog. For my own peace of mind, and to share an image that I love, I included a picture of my favorite … Continue reading

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UN Abandons Global “Blasphemy” Code — Finally!

Today Human Rights First (the former Lawyer’s Committee for Human Rights) announced that the United Nations Human Rights Council had passed a resolution abandoning the proposed global “blasphemy” code. I searched, but was unable to find a link to the … Continue reading

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Craigslist Founder up to Some Good

Craig Newmark, founder of CraigsList, has a new project — connecting the world’s non-profit and educational institutions together for the common good of humanity. You can read about it, and participate, here.

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Best Journalism Ad *Ever*….

I only wish I were a journalist, and didn’t find the idea of living in Florida horrifying. I swear, I would apply for this job.

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Removing Unreliable “Expert” Evidence from the Courtroom

The UK Law Commission has issued a report calling for greater scrutiny of expert evidence allowed in court, after a series of convictions were overturned (“declared unsafe” in UK legal language) because of shoddy or outright bogus evidence that was … Continue reading

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She’s ba-ack….

Updates have been slow for the past week. ${DAYJOB} was in a final release cycle (i.e. getting a new version of the software out the door), so I chose to eat and sleep instead of blogging. Poor priorities, what can … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of “Josef Oehmen”

Before you come to any conclusions whatsoever about anything said, or supposedly said by a researcher named Josef Oehmen on the earthquake, tsunami, and current nuclear plant problems in Japan, please read this link. It appears that he is not … Continue reading

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The Vicious Attack Doberman and the Chicken

In which a chicken who steals a doberman’s food does not become dinner. Go figure:

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Why the Government Shouldn’t Rule the Internet

Anybody who says, “it’s clear that the agencies [TSA and ICE] don’t understand the operations of the Internet well enough to be in charge of policing it.”, is probably worth listening to on those grounds alone. David Siegel tells in … Continue reading

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Final Landing of Discovery

The space shuttle Discovery just landed for the last time. While it isn’t the Saturn 5 rocket, it has logged 27 years and almost 150,000 miles in space. That’s more than anything we’ve flown since the 1970s. Here’s a retrospective … Continue reading

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