The Strange Case of “Josef Oehmen”

Before you come to any conclusions whatsoever about anything said, or supposedly said by a researcher named Josef Oehmen on the earthquake, tsunami, and current nuclear plant problems in Japan, please read this link. It appears that he is not any sort of expert on nuclear energy, and his widely-tweeted and commented upon “blog” was a deliberate attempt by his employer, Siemens, to manipulate public opinion. Siemens builds nuclear power plants, among many other things, and like most in that industry is inevitably worried about the effects of the current nuclear plant woes in Japan on long-term prospects.

I’m not anti-nuclear power. I’m not terrified of anything that calls itself “nuclear”. I would be the first to state that current public reactions to this crisis are badly overblown. (As usual in scary crisises.) I am also not against scientists, researchers, and other people who might know something or have an interesting point of view expressing it. There is nothing wrong with Siemens, a Siemens employee or a Siemens representative commenting on the crisis. The same is true of anybody else who has something to say, regardless of their affiliations.

However, I am utterly allergic to liars, and especially allergic to the kinds of liars who pretend to be experts on science and use that presumed expertise to manipulate public opinion. This is looking like such a case. So be warned.

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