From the Cradle to the Grave….

In addition to a husband with a blog, I have a sister with a blog, and that blog has moved to its own domain and new web site as of yesterday.

A few blogs from the old site were imported into the new site, which should give you an idea of why I’m mentioning it here. Cyn and her 13-year-old son are currently in the process of relocating for an extended period to Kenya, where the boy’s father and her former husband lives. She plans to go to school and then, hopefully, work there for a while.

Meanwhile, she’s an American who will be living in and experiencing a very different country and culture for a while. I expect stories, essays, pictures, and lots of good stuff. I suspect that a great deal of it will be interesting, not just to her family and friends, but strangers who want to see Kenya through her eyes.

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