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On “Cultural Appropriation”: Sanity at Last!

As an undergraduate in the early 1980s, I studied German and Russian literature in college. Over my adult lifetime, however, I’ve felt increasingly out of place in the humanities. I’m not leftist. I don’t think capitalism is a bad word, … Continue reading

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Thomas Haynesworth: “A Long Time Coming”

Today Thomas Haynesworth was granted a “write of actual innocence” by the Virginia Court of Appeals. Haynesworth had already been released from jail on parole because of evidence that he was innocent, but had been on the state sex offender’s … Continue reading

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Tiny Gene May Hold Key to Human Intelligence

This evening I took a few minutes off from the ${DAYJOB} project that’s eating my brain (more on that later) and checked Science Daily, a wonderful news aggregator site for current news about science, technology, and medicine. Among today’s articles … Continue reading

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High School Senior Pretends Pregnancy as Sociology Experiment

There’s no way I could summarize this story adequately, so please just read it here. I do have a couple of thoughts: She’s one of the more courageous high school kids I’ve ever heard about, and I’ve known a few. … Continue reading

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