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The “Nanny State” in College

In 1978, I was a high school senior looking at colleges.  Although I was a member of a conservative evangelical Christian church, I turned down a chance to go to a college associated with my church. The reason?  During a … Continue reading

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Restaurant Owner to TSA Agents: Go *Away*!

Travel blogger and consumer advocate Christopher Elliott blogs about a restaurant owner near Seattle/Tacoma airport who, after a series of thoroughly unpleasant encounters with the TSA on business trips, in November posted  signs at all doors to his restaurant informing … Continue reading

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John Levine: A Politically Incorrect Guide to IPV6

John Levine, author of “The Internet for Dummies” and many other works on technology an the Internet, today posted two superb blog articles on IPV6. Here are links: A politically incorrect guide to IPv6, Part I A politically incorrect guide … Continue reading

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About Mentally Impaired Illegal Immigrants…

…and mentally impaired people accused of being illegal immigrants although they are American citizens or nationals. Today the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) posted an article on their blog about a crying scandal in American handling of suspected illegal immigrants: … Continue reading

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Bahrain: The Scoop

Mother Jones Magazine (yes, that’s right — the old time leftist labor publication) has done it again: published a superb backgrounder on events in Bahrain along the same lines as earlier articles on the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt.   I’m … Continue reading

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Two El Baradei Tweets

Among a few other accomplishments ;), former IAEC head Mohamed El Baradei has figured out social media, sending regular messages from Twitter to his 70 thousand plus followers.  El Baradei is Egyptian, and after many years in exile returned home … Continue reading

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Enceladus Seen From Orbit

The Cassini spacecraft took some absolutely stunning photographs of Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth largest moon, on January 31.  I’ve been busy, and just got around to looking at them today.

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Umair Haque to Business: Cut the Cr*p

I want to introduce somebody to my readers today: a London School of Economics graduate named Umair Haque.   A few years after college, he left the business world and became what some call a “radical economist”. He started Bubblegeneration, … Continue reading

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Kodak Shoots Itself in the Foot

Romer (Hanov3r) , a long-time anti-spammer acquaintance, blogged today about a breathtakingly arrogant, and frankly stupid, action by Kodak Corporation.  Some years ago he gave the Kodak Gallery, a photograph posting site, his email address for some purpose that he … Continue reading

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Egypt: The Costs of Winning

In the rush of wonderful news from Egypt are a few stories that are not so good.  First, some opportunistic thieves took advantage of the chaos to steal irreplaceable treasures from the Egyptian museum.  Second, Egypt depends upon tourism for … Continue reading

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