Restaurant Owner to TSA Agents: Go *Away*!

Travel blogger and consumer advocate Christopher Elliott blogs about a restaurant owner near Seattle/Tacoma airport who, after a series of thoroughly unpleasant encounters with the TSA on business trips, in November posted  signs at all doors to his restaurant informing those who work for the TSA that they are not welcome.  If a TSA employee enters the restaurant and the service people recognize a uniform or face, they turn their backs and tell the TSA agent to leave.

I don’t blame rank-and-file employees for the bad behavior of their management, or the bad behavior of a few fellow employees.  In this case, however, those working for the TSA have agreed to take money to take nude pictures of and/or grope innocent travelers under the completely debunked excuse of “security”.  This isn’t one or a few bad TSA agents; every single one of them who is still working for the TSA fits into this category.  :(  This is not work that a decent person would agree to do for any price.   Any TSA agent who is a decent person needs to wake up, quit, and find an honest job.

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