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First Amendment? What’s That?

The Renton, Washington City Prosecutor has filed a complaint against an anonymous cartoonist for cyberstalking after the cartoonist’s mocking cartoons about the Renton Police Department cut a bit too close to the bone and embarrassed the city. Apparently the prosecutor … Continue reading

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Alan Dershowitz on Casey Anthony and the Burden of Proof

In today’s Wall Street Journal, attorney and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz explains the difference between a criminal investigation and a criminal trial, and why the proper outcome of a trial is not justice for the wronged, but an answer … Continue reading

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Bin Laden is Dead

I was going to blog about this, but an old acquaintance in the science fiction and fantasy community, Mitch Wagner, said what I wanted to say, at least as well as I could have said it on my best day. … Continue reading

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There is No Compulsion in Religion: U.S. Version

What one justice on the U.S. Supreme Court had to say to howls of outrage after the court banned states from promoting specific religions or requiring Bible reading and prayer in public schools in the 1947 decision Everson vs. Board … Continue reading

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Removing Unreliable “Expert” Evidence from the Courtroom

The UK Law Commission has issued a report calling for greater scrutiny of expert evidence allowed in court, after a series of convictions were overturned (“declared unsafe” in UK legal language) because of shoddy or outright bogus evidence that was … Continue reading

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