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Another reason to avoid Facebook….

Massive Facebook security blunder. Continue reading

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How to Weigh a Black Hole

Astronomers have managed to weigh the massive black hole at the center of M87, one of the galaxies in our local cluster, and have found that it has swallowed approximately 6.6 billion suns.  A team headed by Karl Gebhardt at … Continue reading

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Airport Security in the United States

I prefer not to spew obscenities in public, so I had not planned to write about the TSA’s new security rules instituted last fall just before Thanksgiving. A longtime friend of mine, Faun deHenry, wrote an excellent article on the … Continue reading

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Why astronomy is *cool*….

Earth-based (or earth-orbit-based) exploration of the universe using telescopes is the oldest and farthest-reaching of mankind’s attempts to learn about our universe. I also find it one of the most fascinating. This is why. Any observation of the universe that … Continue reading

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What this blog is about…

I’ve wanted to have a blog for years. So when I saw that the domain was available, I grabbed it. It seemed inevitable. Continue reading

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Live at Last!

This puppy is live! :-)  Now to see who comes….

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