Airport Security in the United States

I prefer not to spew obscenities in public, so I had not planned to write about the TSA’s new security rules instituted last fall just before Thanksgiving. A longtime friend of mine, Faun deHenry, wrote an excellent article on the TSA’s new procedures in her blog, Process Connections.  It says what I would like to say on that subject without the intemperate language that I would be entirely too tempted to use.

Because of these new procedures, I am no longer willing to fly on commercial airlines within the United States or into or out of an American airport.  This is inconvenient, since I live approximately 250 miles (400 kilometers) from where I work.  For now, I am combining trips into the office and driving.  I hope that this will be temporary.   I hope that my country will not continue down the path of sacrificing essential liberty for a little security.

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