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Ebola: What Average People Can Do

The ebola epidemic has reached the United States and at least one country in Europe, although so far it does not look much like an epidemic in either place. (Four people confirmed to have fallen ill in the United States … Continue reading

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The Challenge of “After-Birth Abortion”

Today’s UK Telegraph published an explosive article titled, “Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say”. When I saw the link on the Telegraph web site, I did a double take and then opened the article, certain that I would … Continue reading

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CrowdSourcing and Space Exploration

Yesterday I read a blog by Ruth Suehle, an employee at Red Hat and blogger on, that suggests that crowdsourcing and other forms of voluntary collaboration could replace taxes for funding some or all of the costs of space … Continue reading

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Why *Everybody* Needs Critical Thinking Skills #2: Research Fraud

In the past few weeks, two cases of serious research fraud have become public. Both involved medical research done by well-respected researchers, and both led to inappropriate medical decisions that have probably caused deaths in patients. Andrew Wakefield. British researcher … Continue reading

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Indian Government Denies Workers Medical Test Results

According to the Times of India, in 2007 an agency of the Government of India, the National Institute of Occupational Health, tested 126 mine workers for silicosis.  The institute later published a research paper that stated that some of the … Continue reading

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