Ding, Dong, Rove Digital is Dead! And EstHost! And EstDomains! ;)

Today the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced the takedown of a major cybercrime organization, known among antispam activists as Rove Digital. The FBI surprisingly gave significant credit to a number of other organizations, including Estonian police and several non-governmental organizations. I rather suspect that the non-governmental organizations did a great deal of the heavy lifting in this investigation.

Feike Hacquebord at Trend Micro wrote an excellent blog on the investigation that goes into significant background information that he and Trend Micro amassed on Rove Digital. Spamhaus has a collection of information on Rove Digital in its Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO). Hopefully Spamhaus and Team Cymru, another fine group of security researchers, will have their own statements about the takedown posted later today.

Way to go, guys! :-)

(A few minutes later):

I hit Publish too fast. The Spamhaus statement is live.

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