China: Don’t See the Dalai Lama

China is wagging its nether parts in America’s face, or so CNN reports. I don’t know what Obama will say to China, and I doubt he cares what I think he should say, but China richly deserves to be told to mind its own business. In less polite language. Whom the U.S. president sees and talks to is none of the business of the Chinese government. This is especially true where the Dalai Lama is concerned; China has gone to significant effort to keep him out of their country since he became the Dalai Lama in the 1950s.

I’m disgusted with my own government’s treatment of Edward Snowden, whom I view as a hero who did the right thing at significant personal cost. However, Snowden hasn’t (yet) kept on doing and saying the right thing at continuing personal cost for well over a half century. The Dalai Lama has. He deserves the respect of all people who value human lives and human freedom. The men who rule China, of course, do not.

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