On Making the Best of Bad Things

Elisabeth and Stephen Alderman lost a son in the terror attacks on 9/11. It’s tempting to call it the worst thing imaginable, but (of course) it isn’t. Their son Peter was by all accounts a wonderful, loving, decent human being who packed more life into his 25 years than most people manage in 75. His parents grieve for him, but are extremely proud of him and have every reason to be so.

I think I might have a clue why Peter was such an exceptional human being. How many parents, having lost their sons to a terrorist attack, would look through their pain at the terrorists and what might have motivated them? And how many, having looked, would dedicate the remainder of their lives to doing something about it? The Aldermans did, and tell the story in CNN today. I don’t know about you, but the people who could do this could raise an exceptional son, like Peter.

If you want to consider making a donation or supporting the Alderman Foundation, here’s a link to their web page. Charity Navigator hasn’t heard of them yet, but I bet it will now. :-) I plan to give them a donation anyway. And my prayers and thoughts. (I don’t seem able to quit thinking about this today anyway.)

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