On Punishing Children for the Sins of their Parents

Orson Scott Card is one of the best writers alive today. He’s also a devout (if atypical) Mormon who has a conscience formed by his faith. His religious beliefs and mine differ significantly (I’m an Orthodox Christian), but we both read the Bible and –despite having very different theologies — we both believe that Jesus Christ speaks God’s words. Jesus had certain rather strong things to say about punishing children for the sins of their parents, or (for that matter) any innocent person for the sins of the guilty. (He doesn’t approve.) So it shouldn’t surprise me that Card said what I believe about underage illegal immigrants better than I could say it, here:

A Letter to Mitt

Card is right. His (Mormon) take on this issue is exactly the same as my (Orthodox Christian) take on it. Further, he understands the principles that this country was founded on and has espoused from the beginning. (Even when it was doing the opposite.) <wry grin> Deporting adults who came to the United States in violation of our laws is one thing. Deporting children who were brought here by their parents in violation of the law is another. Most of these children grew up as Americans, speak our language, went to our schools, and share our culture. To deport these American children to countries where they did not grow up, speak the language poorly or not at all, and cannot fit in is unconscionable. Decent human beings do not do this. Decent human beings do not support this.

If Governor Romney or anybody on his campaign team reads this blog, take this as strong and unequivocal agreement with every word Orson Scott Card said in his “Letter to Mitt” — from another American who plans to vote for Romney in November. On this issue, President Obama did the right thing. Please acknowledge that, support his action, and then move on to discussing the economy, jobs, and other issues where you and he differ.

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