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False Alarm: General Relativity Confirmed

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is safe. The most probable, but least interesting, explanation for the OPERA results (the “faster than light” neutrinos) now looks likely to be true: there was a fundamental flaw in the experimental methodology. In short, … Continue reading

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Was Einstein Wrong — Part 2

The researchers at the OPERA project, which conducted the experiment that showed neutrinos exceeding the speed of light, have posted a PDF of their paper. You can download it for free from the Cornell University Library’s site. I skimmed … Continue reading

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Breaking: Was Einstein Wrong?

Put down your drink. Remove any cats or children from your lap. Take a big breath. Today researchers at the CERN physics laboratory announced that a three year study has shown “with a high level of confidence” that neutrinos can … Continue reading

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July 20, 1969….

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Today is the 42nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It’s been over 39 years since we last landed on the moon now. :( Why did we stop?

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The Milky Way as You’ve Never Seen It Before

Who’d have thought the Daily Mail, of all news sites, would post something like this front and center? Alex Cherney is one amazing photographer.

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The History of Flight (I wish)

The Abstruse Goose, an excellent web comic, illustrates exactly how I am feeling today, as the last space shuttle mission takes off for the ISS. <sigh>

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Final Liftoff

Today the space shuttle Atlantis lifts off on its final mission to the International Space Station. This marks the final liftoff of the space shuttle program itself. Watch the live feed from NASA’s web site. Although the future of space … Continue reading

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Do NOT Piss off a Crow

You do not want to mistreat a crow. This is true even if you are a sadistic bastich that likes nothing better than making small, cute, warm, furry (or feathery) things miserable. Why? Because apparently crows have extremely good memories … Continue reading

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Tiny Gene May Hold Key to Human Intelligence

This evening I took a few minutes off from the ${DAYJOB} project that’s eating my brain (more on that later) and checked Science Daily, a wonderful news aggregator site for current news about science, technology, and medicine. Among today’s articles … Continue reading

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CrowdSourcing and Space Exploration

Yesterday I read a blog by Ruth Suehle, an employee at Red Hat and blogger on, that suggests that crowdsourcing and other forms of voluntary collaboration could replace taxes for funding some or all of the costs of space … Continue reading

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